Who is Kerry Burt?

My name is Kerry Burt and I am the Libertarian candidate for the first congressional district. I’ve lived in Hutchinson with my wife and two kids for the past two and a half years, but I’ve lived in the Big First my whole life. From Marysville to Hutchinson, Haddam to Salina, there isn’t much of this district that I haven’t called home at some point!

I work as a professional aircraft mechanic, and I can hear your question now, “how does being an aircraft mechanic qualify you to run for office?” Fair question. The fact is that I spend every day of my life looking at complex systems that are malfunctioning in equally complex ways. The way I see it, government is a gigantic, overly-complex machine that has become badly broken through misuse and lack of maintenance. I’d like the opportunity to get under the hood of that machine and start fixing it.

Since the turn of the last century the United States Government has expanded in every direction and with each expansion of power the rights of the people become more and more an afterthought. But to what end? Our national debt has reached catastrophic levels, we are mired in military conflicts around the world, and there is civil unrest in our streets. The time has come for a different approach.

That’s why I want to go to Washington. Because I don’t believe that more government is the solution to your problems. You don’t need a program or a subsidy to succeed in this country, the creativity and courage of individuals is what has always made the United States Great! If you select me to represent you in congress this November I will fight tirelessly to get government out of your way so that you can succeed in this country without being mired in regulation and drowned in taxes.

It’s time for government to step back so that we can step forward.