At it’s root, a subsidy is really just a decision made by a group of politicians that some person or organization needs your money worse than you do. The government should not be in the business of deciding who deserves your money. That was determined when you earned it. I will oppose subsidies in every form and push for a return to a free-market system that values the hard work of the individual.
Government Spending
There is no question that spending on the federal level has gone wildly out of control. To combat this I propose that we push for the, “Penny Plan,” a budget plan that requires that one cent be cut from each dollar of federal spending. Analysts have demonstrated that this plan would reduce spending by $7.5 trillion over the course of ten years. This plan has the benefit of not requiring anyone to sacrifice any particular pet project, but simply trim the fat from their programs and thus should be able to garner bi-partisan support.
Marriage Equality
The concept of the marriage license was originally proposed in the mid 1800s as a means to prevent interracial marriages. It was an abhorrent attempt at social engineering then and that it persists to this day is truly embarrassing. I will fight tirelessly to get the federal government out of the marriage business entirely.
Military Intervention
The United States has become mired in a bizarre array of conflicts and pseudo-conflicts around the world. With drone strikes throughout the Middle East and air wars conducted against any number of countries it has become nearly impossible to keep track of who we are at war with at any given time. How does such wanton destruction and loss of human life make us safer? The time has come for the United States government to admit that it’s policy of military interventionism has been an abject failure and to withdraw from these areas of conflict.